Episode 31: The Joys of Spring

Sunday, March 29th at 11:04am:

Location: Logan’s Circle, NW
Scene: Diane in her car looking for a parking spot.

I was beginning to realize that I needed the patience of a bride searching Filene’s Basement for the perfect wedding dress, if I was going to find a parking spot at noon (aka peak brunch hour) on a weekend day in Logan Circle.  I only decided to put myself through this headache because Cindi thought it would be a good day to walk to the nail salon on U St. ‘We have to enjoy this unexpected spring weather’, she rationalized. I agreed since the forecast for the following week called for wind and rain, but after 30 minutes of searching to no avail, I was frustrated, thirsty and annoyed.  About to give up on my parking quest, I looked up at an empty spot only to see the ever present homeless guy signaling me to park there. Where was he a second ago and why did he think that this was his lucky day and without him I could not have found the spot myself?  (Which I did) When he saw me angling my car towards the middle of the space, he moved out of the way. When I stepped out of the car, he held his hands out for change.  When I did not give him any money, he said something about messing with my tires. When I heard that, I got in the car again and told Cindi to bring me a bottle of water for my thirst and that we would be driving to U St.  Go figure.

On U we were able to surprisingly find parking right away since those attending church services were all in the process of moving their cars. Finally Murphy was on my side.

As I stepped into the Shangri-la Day Spa, I was led to an empty pedicure station. The warm water on my feet was just the de-stressor that I needed. I sat back as the nail technician started the seat massager and proceeded with the task of making my feet beautiful.  I was in heaven. I tried not to think about Jaz’s book club meeting this afternoon, but that was an unattainable goal.  Neither Cindi nor I had read the assigned book, “Act like a Lady, Think like A Man” by Steve Harvey. Jaz was sure to be upset with us, but although she was gung-ho about this latest project, I gave her a month to tire of it or until the start of summer when the need to parade on the Washington Harbour in Georgetown on a Sunday in a floral halter dress topped her priority list.

Sunday, March 29th at 11:51am:
Location: Shangri-la Day Spa, U St., NW
Scene: Diane and Cindi getting their nails done.

The call from Chris this early on a Sunday was unexpected. I let it go to voicemail. I called him two weeks ago and he was only now returning my call. I knew since last week that I no longer wanted a relationship with him but the question still remained as to how I would break it off. He started, “hey honey, are you home right now? I thought I would stop by for a second or two.” I rolled my eyes and pressed the “delete” button. The more I speak to him the more I realize he enjoys being single and has no intention of settling down anytime soon.  I guess I should have known this was the case when we started dating, but I chose to ignore the signs of always wanting to be by himself, no interest in doing what I wanted to do and disappearing for days even weeks on end. Time to move on!

I turned to Cindi to see if she was ready to go but she was refilling her acrylics so I knew we had at least 30 minutes to go before we could leave. I opened the latest Cosmopolitan magazine and started to read the mindless relationship tips. I guess I will need them for my next try.

Episode 30: Rain in my Brunch

The historic U.

The historic U.

Sunday, March 15th at 7:48am:

Location: Diane’s apartment on Capitol Hill
Scene: Diane under the covers

“Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!” my eye lids were barely peeling apart as I was forced awake from a wonderful slumber.  Was I really just at Tiffany’s with my tiara and black sheath staring longingly at George Peppard as he threw gems my way? Not quite the same scene as the movie but lovely all the same and a warm contrast to this cold, dreary, rainy morning. I yawned and hugged the covers even closer.

“Ring! Ring! Ring!” the cacophony that was my land line sounding off propelled me awake in an instant. No more Tiffany’s. No more George.

“Darling good morning and why so early”, I uttered with a deliberate slur speaking with a fully awake Jaz on the other end of the line.

“Let’s do brunch at BB&P in about an hour. Today is my last day on the show so I can finally relax. We have at least until noon to talk and catch up!” she continued.

“I will be there!” This was the best news I’d heard in weeks and a perfect time to bring out my new cowl neck cardigan from Forever 21 believe it or not.

Sunday, March 15th at 8:52am:
Location: Busboys and Poets on  14th and V St., NW
Scene: Girls sitting on one of the couches

“I have a taste for some eggs and sausage this morning.”  Jaz stated while perusing the menu. Her usual was the granola, coffee and the french toast.

“Darling, aren’t you a strict vegetarian?” I asked while Cindi looked on curiously scrutinizing Jaz with her piercing eyes through her cat framed glasses.

“Oh please, as of last week, I am a flexitarian.” She said calmly afterwards pointing out that Cindi’s new bangs looked amazing. I looked at her baffled. That had to be a made up word.

Deciding to move beyond the topic of her food choices, I asked “now that the play is over, what do you plan to do? I hope you are no longer thinking about moving out-of-town like you were a few months ago.”

 “I’m not sure as of yet. With all the Shakespearean theaters in the area I could try to hone my skills as a classical actress and see where it leads from there. My only issues are whether I will be able to make enough money and two are there enough opportunities in this area and beyond. We shall see. Hopefully I won’t have to wait until I’m old and grey to get my Tony.”

“Or you Oscar! Don’t be silly. You will be fine.” Cindi finally piped in. Her ponytail seemed to bounce with more spirit than she herself has been able to muster all morning.

“What’s going on Cindi?” I asked out of concern. I hope it had nothing to do with Aidan.

“Aidan was laid off yesterday with about 20 other associates. Everybody at the firm is upset about this. I am worried too about my job but my new case is doing well and the client is bringing the firm lots of business.”

“I am sure you will be okay.” I tried to reassure her but I also knew that many other attorneys in the city had been laid off by their firms. Trying to make light of the situation, I said, “If anything, you can always crash on my couch and or try consulting. We can be work buddies.”

She rolled her eyes, “sure, thanks. Hopefully, we will both be safe from either of those options.”

Episode 29: Me Time

servicesfaceSaturday, February 29th at 2:18pm:
Location: Hello Cupcake
Scene:  Diane at sitting at a table relaxing.

I woke up today in a rather pensive mood mixed with a bit of annoyance. After recalling that I was in a similar funk this time last year, I knew this was not just a simple “End of Winter Blues” but rather “Diane needs to Schedule a Spa Day” alert.  I immediately scheduled some “me time” with reservations for a full body massage and mani-pedi at the Andre Chreky Spa.  For extra measure and to boost my mood, I wore my red cotton wrap jersey dress with my brown (Georgetown sample sale bargain find for $40) boots. Bright colors were an instant anti-depressant and the boots brought out my inner fierce. I told no one where I was going and it turned out to be the best three hours I had in months. Afterwards, I was shining, sipping on tea and delving into first Twilight book while lounging at Hello Cupcake eating a scrumptious Prima Donna cupcake. It was there that Cindi finally tracked me down. I should have never taken my phone off silence.

Cindi said mockingly in faux shock, “Ooooh … Ms.  I’m Trying to Ignore calls today thanks for blessing me with the permission to speak to you. Where have you been?” I could tell she was probably standing with her hands on her hips looking at the mirror while she spoke with me on speaker phone from her bathroom.

“I needed an emergency spa day. I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin this morning. What are you up to?” I asked eyeing my book and my tea which was soon to be too cold to enjoy.  

“I can’t believe you took a spa day and did not tell me? First Jaz is still busy with her play and now you don’t include me anymore. Well anyway, I am calling to invite you to dinner with me and Aidan. Are you able to meet us at Next Door tonight?”

Hmmm, dinner with Aidan, I thought to myself was akin to knowing a manicurist was rough on the cuticles but still going back to her for abuse and nicks and leaving a generous tip using banged up fingers to hand her the money.

“Darling I think I will pass and continue on my ‘me time’ journey.” I responded hoping she would understand but knowing that would not be the case. It just seemed like every time she and Aidan planned a date night, she wanted me to come along. I was never sure if she was just being a caring friend or a friend who cared about not being alone with a guy she had borderline feelings for.  I always suspected it was the later.  But it was no fun feeling like the third lens in the glasses, seventh soda in the pack, ninth slice in the pizza you get the drift.  You get the drift.

“Are you sure Cindi? He is treating.” She whined on the other end of the line.

“I am sure. Darling you should use this opportunity to get some ‘you and Aidan’ time and to be honest I don’t know if he and I click. He always butts in and shows off, but you two seem to really be getting along.” I explained not intending initially to get into the Aidan is weird topic, but oh well.   

“Diane you are so fickle!” she said with a sigh, “I am going to leave this one alone. Bye.” And with that I was back to enjoying my me time. I can’t wait for Jaz’s play to be over so we can all hang out again as a trio. In our case Jaz, Diane and Cindi together made sense. There was a balance and Jaz was the yoke.