Episode 17: Bedridden


Wednesday, November 5th at 11:03am:

Location: Diane’s bedroom, Capitol Hill

Scene: In violet floral Victoria’s Secret flannel pajamas under goose down comforter watching CNN


“Hi Dad, can you believe he won?! I am so excited. This is the best day ever. Thank goodness I requested to take today off in advance. I don’t think I would’ve been able to get anything done if I were at work today.” I said as I answered the phone on the first ring. Yawning and smiling I stretched in between glances at the television.  I got home at 2am from an election night party but had not been able to sleep until three o’clock in the morning only to wake up at 7:30am with the incessant urge to pinch myself as a reality check.


“Yes Dear. This is great news! We could not stop dancing in circles around the living room. Carmela was even crying when the results came in.” he explained and I nodded. I was almost about to tear up again from just the mention of crying.  “I can’t believe you are up already. I almost expected to get your voicemail.  Carmela and I are heading to brunch with the Watsons in a few minutes, so I thought I would give you a quick call. How is the job search coming along?” He finished as I heard Carmela, my stepmother of three years asking him which coat he was going to wear. 


Dancing in circles around the living room? Ha! I would have to see that with my own eyes.


“Everything is great dad. Wow! You never dance. What’s up with that? I think I may be starting a new job soon. The few interviews I had last week went pretty well, so even with the economy the way it is I still hope to expect an offer as a policy manager at a firm downtown which would be great! Also, I’ll probably send you my Thanksgiving flight information in a few weeks.”


“That’s what I forgot! Speaking of which, Jack and Sam will be here this year instead of at their fathers so for the first time there will be more than just the three of us. Well, talk to you later.” And with that he was gone.


I cannot believe that my two step brothers were coming over for Thanksgiving. They were just two college frat boys who played football and had half the IQ of a peanut each. We had nothing in common by way of either age or personalities. They were loud and annoying. How many times would I have to throw out their smelly underwear from the bathroom? Yup, my flight home just went from a four day to two day trip.


Wednesday, November 5th at 11:33am:

Location: Diane’s bedroom, Capitol Hill

Scene: Still in flannel pajamas under goose down comforter watching CNN


“Hey Darling, can’t believe you are at work?” I had decided to give Cindi a call at work after my quick nap post discussion with dad.

 “Work really is not happening today even though it’s still business as usual here. Did you all have fun after I left? It was getting too crammed for me and I wanted the luxury of flipping through the channels at whim or just relaxing. Thank goodness too. I saw the huge crowds on television.” Cindi mentioned as I recalled one guy stepping on my feet which conjured a feeling and image enough to concur that too many people were out last night.

“Darling, I hear what you are saying and I also know your dislike of random bodies getting too close, but you’ve got to live in the moment.” I reminded her.

”Yeah, yeah, yeah! And with that I am heading back to my research. Aidan is stopping by soon for a quick meeting.” She noted.

“Hmmm…and hopeful there will be no quick anything else!” I yelled in the phone before she hung up.


Wednesday, November 5th at 12:14pm:

Location: Diane’s bedroom, Capitol Hill

Scene: Eating delivered Chinese food while still in flannel pajamas under goose down comforter finally sick of watching CNN


“Hey Darling haven’t seen you in a while. stop by before you head to the restaurant.” I said shamelessly calling Chris.  Why not? I was free and single, he was free and single and I knew what to expect…fun and no chance of a relationship.

“Hey Love, I’m actually on 12th and Pennsylvania. I’ll swing by your place in five minutes.” He said.  Love that voice.

“Darn!” I only had three minutes to get rid of the taste of the Chinese food on my breath, the smell from my place since he does not like and to shower.

“Ding dong. Ding dong.” I answer the door.

“Hi Darling!” Replaced flannel pajamas with Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Little Things lace up thongs and push up bra…my 32As needed all the help they can get.