Episode 19: Straightened Hair and Sticky Fingers

Capitol Hill - A Study of 2nd and D St., NE

Capitol Hill - A Study of 2nd and D St., NE

Saturday, November 22nd at 3:14pm:

Location: Bubbles Hair Salon, Capitol Hill

Scene: Jaz and Diane are getting their hair washed and blown out.


Cindi and I decided that she would take over the logistics of Jaz’s surprise birthday party and I would handle keeping Jaz distracted throughout the day. We had decided to hold the event tonight at Station 9 on 15th and U St., NW.


“So, birthday girl do you want curls or do you want your hair blown out straight?” Rogers the hairstylist asked Jaz while leaning over her from behind playing with her freshly washed hair, red lollipop as usual firmly stuck in his mouth.


“Hmmm…actually I haven’t worn it straight in awhile. Let’s try that.” Jaz hesitated for awhile before making up her mind.


Looking over from the nearby chair of my stylist, I noted “hey lady, I think that’s a good choice.”  I walked over to watch Rogers in action grabbing a Tootsie Roll from his permanently stocked candy bowl. For months Jaz had been talking about wearing her hair straight for a change of pace, however, although she thought her curly do was a bit boring, she usually kept the same look because it was more wash and go and did not entail having to take time out of her schedule to go to the hair salon.


“I was thinking a straight look would go well with the v-neck Nina mini dress I just bought from the Unsung Designers online boutique. I can’t wait to go to the concert tonight. It’s the perfect birthday gift. I just hope Cindi having to go to work today will not mean that she might have to cancel tonight.  I haven’t been able to reach her all day.” she explained as Rogers started applying the styling lotion.

 Bubbles in the rain.

“Honey, how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?” Rogers asked grabbing another candy from the jar.


“Hmmm…well. I will be thirty years old on Monday.” Jaz said in what seemed like a self affirmation evident in the deep breath she took half-way through her response.


“Only thirty…you don’t look a day over twenty-five and I mean it,” Rogers complimented her right before he started blow drying her hair.


“Thanks Rogers! You keep talking to me like that and I just might become a regular client.” Jaz proclaimed while unexpectedly leaning over to grab a red lollipop.


In a whirlwind, Rogers swiftly smacked her on the wrist, admonishing “the red ones are mine love, but you are welcome to any of the other colors, thank you!” And with that he continued working and she looked at me in shock while I laughed uncontrollably. I could so see Rogers do the same to his two children. I think Jaz will see this as a reason to never stray from her healthy diet again!


Saturday, November 22nd at 6:14pm:

Location: Diane’s apartment, Capitol Hill

Scene: Jaz and Diane getting ready for a night out. Jaz still does not know what is happening.


“Cindi just sent me a text saying she is running late. Do you want to meet her at Station 9 before the concert to grab a drink and some appetizers before heading to the show?” I was still trying to play it cool. Jaz was still in the dark about the birthday events…and come to think of it, so was I.  Hmmm… Cindi is known to go overboard while party planning so it will be interesting to see how things turn out. Hopefully, there won’t be any piñatas! Jaz’s mom, dad and brother were also in town for the party and had been helping Cindi all day long.

 I saw the sign.

“Sounds like a plan. I love their appetizers. What time is the concert again?” she asked admiring her hair in the full length mirror in my bedroom.


“It should start at 10pm. You should wear your hair straight more often! It looks absolutely divine on you and brings out your bone structure,” I said noticing how she looked amazingly polished. “Crap! I can’t believe this!” I spilled the strawberry jam on my new shirt!


Giggling, Jaz noted, “it never ceases to amaze me how without fail you are either causing an accident or stepping into one.”


“Hmmm!” was all I could muster in response as I tried to remove the sticky and quickly settling stain.


Saturday, November 22nd at 8:15pm:

Location: Station 9, 15th and U St.

Scene: Party goers already assembled and waiting for Jaz’s appearance at her surprise party.


“Diane, I can’t believe you were intent on stopping at the gas station for gum. You know how Cindi is a stickler for time!” Jaz was annoyed at how long it took me to get the gum from the store, but unbeknownst to her I had to stall for a minute. Cindi needed some extra time because unfortunately Jaz’s mom had taken too long getting ready. Oh the irony.


“Sorry Darling…well we are here now and it’s your birthday so you’ve got to cheer up!” I said trying to sound chipper. “Oh, since we are just here for appetizers and drinks Cindi mentioned that she would just wait for us upstairs where it’s more lounge-like.”  I inhaled.


“Ok.” She followed me up the stairs.


“Surprise!!!” The entire room of about 50 friends and family erupted as we walked in the room.


Jaz’s hands went up to her mouth in genuine shock and delight as she ran over and hugged her mom and dad and then Cindi and me. Mission accomplished and more importantly lots of streamers, balloons, party favors, a yummy looking chocolate cake from the Sticky Fingers vegan bakery and thankfully no piñatas!