Episode 8: Sun, Politics and Crushes


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Friday, August 29th at 5:03 pm

“Yeah!” The whooping and clapping could be heard from the garage and grew even louder as we stepped into the house. Unfortunately, no one noticed our sashay into the room. Surprisingly, about 20 or so people were in the house glued to the television, on their faces a mixture of laser focus and extreme merriment as they watched Senator McCain holding the hands of a brunette.

Guillermo proclaimed to the group from his imaginary podium, “We’re going to the White House, baby! That’ll teach those Democrats to underestimate the superior party. McCain-Palin, what a game changer! Oh man!” He ended this tirade, high-fiving the men in the room before heading towards the kitchen.

It was at this moment my crush ended and his chiseled jaw reminded me of stoic narrow-minded policies and looking at his tall handsome body I noticed only an ingrate with spilled pizza sauce on his shirt.  I saw more of the same and wished without regret he would not be elected Mayor of Coconut Grove.  Happy Republicans were not a sight I particularly enjoyed. I rolled my eyes.

“Who is she?” I asked softly looking only to Jaz and Cindi for an answer. They both shrugged. So, sensing from the picture that McCain had just chosen a VP nominee that had energized the room I shouted “Whatever you Republicans throw at us we can take it and give it back!” They all turned to look at me.  Just as the daggers were about to fly, Cindi and Jaz grabbed both my hands and dragged me upstairs saving me from becoming political road kill.

Friday, August 29th at 10:01 pm

A few hours later after being repeatedly briefed on the latest political happenings via the annoying CNN reruns, I was more than ready to leave the house. I started to make a move towards getting ready, noting that Chris had just returned my 5:39pm text. He was out with his friend Alisha from college and the guys of course. I had no time to analyze the potential doom and gloom scenarios having to do with this message.

“Diane, we are heading out in 30 minutes. We also told Guillermo to stay away from you.” Jaz called out from the hallway giggling while she said the last statement.

“Did you call Chris and invite him to come out?” Cindi asked popping her head into the bathroom. She was wearing a cute body hugging black dress.

“Umm…don’t want to talk about it, but look at you! Darling, too bad you are Caribbean otherwise you would be mistaken for one of Robert Palmer’s back up dancers.” I noted and commented on how great her makeup looked.

“Are you trying to say I am ‘simply irresistible’?” she went on mimicking the lipstick wearing dancers.

Jaz turned on the music in her room and we were ready to go.

In the car, I told them about the text message and we vowed that tonight would be about fun and there would be no talk about the two stressful situations in my life – politics and love.

Saturday, August 30th at 1:33 am

“Why did you tell Chris to come? That guy you were salsa dancing with seemed so nice and so cute – getting you a tissue, buying us all drinks and he is so well traveled. How are you going to handle being around both of them?” Jaz proclaimed just getting off the dance floor herself.   

“I don’t know. I did not give it much thought. He asked me where we were. I told him Mansion and he said he was on his way. It all happened so fast.” I tried to explain through my mojito induced haze. I was suddenly depressed about the whole situation. How would I handle it?

“Hey Diane, I have an early flight to catch so I am going to head out but here is my card. Give me your number and maybe we can meet for dinner next week when I am in DC.” I turned to David elated and relieved.

We hugged and he left while almost simultaneously Chris showed up.






















Episode 7: Miami Vacation

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Friday, August 29th at 11:30am

“Jaz darling, we just landed. Where are you?” Cindi and I had just arrived in Miami for our Labor Day weekend getaway with Jaz who had decided to postpone her trip home until this weekend.

“Jasmina, nena put gas in the car before you pick up your friends.” I could hear her mother in the background. “Papi put gas in the car this morning.” She responded and then returned to our conversation saying, “Diane I should be there in a few minutes. See you soon.”

Friday, August 29th at 11:50am

“Hey Chicas!  We have to hang out at my house for a bit since my mom spent all morning preparing breakfast and some Cuban treats, but afterwards we can hit the beach or sit by the pool. Beware though, mammi is mad at me and stressed out because Guillermo’s campaign is revving up and they are all excited about the potential Republican VP pick. Diane, I don’t know what to tell you but if you are looking to argue about politics you will once again be out-numbered since Guillermo’s friends and campaign staff should be in and out all weekend.” Jaz explained in one breath as we loaded our bags into her car.

“By the way, why is she mad at you?” I was curious since they were like best friends.

“Well, I told her that George was being uncooperative and evasive about committing to plans we make together and she was spitting mad.” Jaz continued. “She went on…After 8 years, all your good years spent with this idiota and I cannot believe he is this way with you! Why are you still with him nena? Do you want to be old and never married? You are almost 30 years-old!” Aaaah! Glad you guys are here!” We gave her a hug.

“Every time you mention talking to your mom about your relationship, I am always surprised you are able to return to him.” I said while inspecting my sunglasses.

“That would not work with my mom! That type of disclosure would mean the end is here. The thought of the nagging alone would be enough to drive me crazy.” Cindi chimed in with a head shake and a look of disgust.

“I know! But, we are very close and she should hopefully stop being mad at me by tomorrow morning.” Jaz tried to reassure us unconvincingly.

Friday, August 29th at 12:51pm

“Hi Ms. Rodriguez! How are you?” We said as we ran in and gave her a hug.

“Breakfast looks good. Do you need help with anything? Cindi noted with her eyes on the delectable display of eggs, bacon and Cuban potatoes and other delights spread out before us.

“No. Mi amor, I have it all under control. Jasmina make sure your friends have clean towels! Guillermo come grab the trash! We have to head out to your campaign rally and get back to watch the news. I don’t want to miss the announcement.” Ms. Rodriguez ordered the entire house around while looking impeccably well-groomed in her Tory Burch Tunic Caftan dress and 4” leather sandals. I would not be surprised if she woke up looking polished and smelling like she had been dipped overnight in a Givenchy Amerige perfume bottle.

Oh My! This was definitely not like my parent’s quiet Boston home, I thought to myself taking it all in. Guillermo who was next to me whispered under his breath you would think I had not been an attorney for the past 10 years and a grown man for the last 17 as he walked his 6’1 foot tall muscular frame with chiseled photo-ready tanned cheeks across the tiled floor to the kitchen. I stood looking/drooling as Jaz grabbed my hands and pulled me upstairs.   

“See what I was saying! Lets grab breakfast and head to the beach. Maybe afterwards we can get our nails done.” Jaz’s suggestions were right up our alley.

“I can’t wait to jump in the water.” Cindi exclaimed. We looked up and she had already changed into her bikini and cover up. “I thought for sure this would be the first Summer I did not go swimming in the ocean.” I threw a pillow at her while she was profiling her perfectly toned body in the full length mirror. She shook her hips and taunted me to try again without missing.

Friday, August 29th at 1:38pm

“I can’t believe your mom asked me about Joe Lieberman. We are definitely spending the majority of this trip here at the beach.” I noted as we set out our beach gear.

“Yeah, she was happy you said he was a great guy!” Jaz giggled out loud, while I passed her the sun block.

“Most of my Jewish friends think he sucks big time!” I said as I glided unto my beach chair.

“Diane, are you going to invite Chris to hang out with us tonight?” Cindi asked letting the cat out of the bag.

“Chris is here? Ooh la la.” Jaz proclaimed.

“Darling, he is in South Beach with some of his guy friends. Maybe I will send him a text,  but I don’t want to smother him since we just started dating.  I am also debating employing the two guy rule so I can have a distraction to keep me from chumping on my nails when I don’t hear from him.”

“Not the two guy rule again?” Cindi looked up from reading the latest Lauren Weisberger book “Chasing Harry Winston.  “It might’ve worked for your friend Samantha but it back-fired on me the last time I tried it. Ummm…you could get in majorly over your head.”

“Ok silly. It did not work for you because you told both guys you were openly dating other people! That defeats the purpose.” I rolled my eyes and settled in for a nap.

“Or you should do what the main character in this book does and just make ‘em wait for it like you are doing now. Keep them on their toes guessing.” Cindi finished locking her knees together in a mock chastity hold.

 “Just be patient and see where things lead before you jump the gun and mess it up.” Jaz added and I agreed while Cindi jumped up and walked towards the ocean.