Episode 5: Headaches and Barbeques

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Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 10:05 am

“Hello? Make sure the cat is fed. He has green toes. Greeeeeeeeen toweeees.”  This is the incoherent murmuring and slurring I was greeted with this morning when I called Cindi. It did not take long for me to discern that she was still under the inebriating effects of her last tequila shot as well as the two mojitos and more than likely the pain of swollen feet from salsa dancing in 4 inch Steve Madden leopard print heels and having her toes mercilessly crushed by an awkward yet cute beginner. I had to laugh out loud and just hang up the phone.

I was equally tired though not as drunk however, I could never bring myself to sleep past 9am no matter how late I was up.  We also had to prepare coleslaw and mash potatoes for a barbeque and had to meet by 11am to buy the ingredients. We had gone to Havana Village in Adams Morgan to relive graduate/law school days with an old classmate of Jaz and hang-out buddy of ours who was visiting. We always got a kick out of being skillfully steered around the dance floor by older accommodating men.  

I guess I could go to the store by myself but she is so adamant that she was in charge of the coleslaw because she had this “special recipe” she has used since high-school. She was certain that Allister her best guy friend from law school always requested only her “special coleslaw” at his annual barbeque and so only she could make it the way he liked.  Frankly, I’ve tasted the coleslaw and I can’t tell the difference between hers and the typical supermarket brand except that she adds mangoes to her recipe. Deep down I think Allister found a great way to get her to make it every year as well as attend his barbeque. I always chuckle at all the fuss she makes over the recipe.

I will call her again in an hour and hopefully she will be ready. In the meantime I think I will go to the 10:30am hatha class at Boundless Yoga on U St. I’ve been trying to make this class for the last three months but for some reason my schedule always gets inundated with other items that are higher up on my to do list like brunch, MTV reruns or the occasional household project.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 11:38 am

“Cindi, girl are you ready to head out to Harris Teeter? Darling, we have to get all the prep and cooking done so we can head out by 4pm. Afterall the barbeque starts at 3.” I was hoping she was ready to go. I hated being late and even worst late beyond fashionable.

“Uhhh…I feel like 3 conga drums are beating away at my cranium. What they hey? Why are you so chipper?”

“Just got out of yoga. I am coming over.  We’ve got to head to the grocery store. You can come or I can grab the store brand coleslaw.” I said already aware of the obvious.

“Oh no! All I need is some coffee and I am ready. Ciao!”

That worked well, I thought to myself.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 3:57 pm

“Jaz are you ready? We are outside.”

“Dang! I see your Jeep. I’ll be down in a minute.” She exclaimed while waving from her fourth floor apartment of her 16th Street building.

She bobbitty-bopped towards the car with her usual Tupperware of flaxseed, aÇai and walnut brownies wearing her white shorts, t-shirt and sandals ensemble.

“Aaah!!” the alarming scream came as she careened down the final stair.  Thankfully she used her 15 years of dancing tutelage to skillfully stop her fall and save the healthy/unhealthy treat.

Cindi ran over and gave her a tissue.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 4:09 am

“That was a close call.” She said with a deep sigh while inspecting her unharmed white outfit. “Diane you promised last tuesday to give me an update on that guy you met at Co Co. Sala after your date.” Jaz continued as we started on our way.

“Nothing much to say. He had to cancel our scheduled date last Thursday because of an emergency at one of his restaurants. We are going to meet on Monday which is a slower day in restaurant land. More urgent, we must brainstorm about Maryanne thinking that I stole Sam’s job.” 

“Huh?!” They both reacted in unisom. 

“Did not want to bring up earlier but a 40 minute drive to Baltimore is a good time to discuss.” I explained.