Episode 15: Fun In Numbers

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Saturday, October 11th at 7:41pm:

“Diane, don’t tell me you are going to wear that shawl all night? I didn’t know we invited Ms. Frumpy to hang out.” Cindi gave me the once over as we stepped into the restroom at the Park. We had decided to go there for dinner before our night out.

“Thanks for the compliment.,” I said being facetious, “I know it’s not the cutest shawl but you forget we are already in October.” I continued removing the shawl and continued freshening up my makeup as a guy came out of one of the stalls behind me.

“Hey.” He said as his eyes laser focused on my derriere and now exposed back. Did he expect that I would not be able to look into the mirror and tell what he was doing?

“Hmmm,” was the only sound I could muster in response.  I have always disliked the unisex aspect of this multi-person restroom.  Do the men have to see us adjust our bras or hear us talk about them?! I thought to myself as we walked up the stairs to our table.

 “Looks like Jaz found a handsome distraction.” Cindi noted as we sauntered towards her making our approach.

“Hi.” We both said in unison as Jaz introduced us. After we shook hands, he gave Jaz his business card and went back to his table.

“Good to see you making friends. He‘s cute. I like his Guayabera shirt.” Cindi noted while Jaz shrugged.

“Ok ladies, so I broke down a few hours ago and called George.  I got his voicemail, his stupid voicemail! I am just mad at myself for breaking down. It’s been two hours and he hasn’t even called me back.” She said obviously distraught.

“Jaz, there is nothing wrong with calling him. Even though he is a jerk, you were in this relationship for eight years.  That amount of time cannot just disappear within a week.” I said giving her a hug relieved when she took a deep breath and nodded.

“Oh my, I am becoming a wet blanket! Sorry ladies this is our night of fun! I will buy us all something to drink so we can/I can celebrate being single.” Jaz was motioning to our waiter. “By the way Cindi, I like the way you layered the gold necklaces with the dress. They go well together”, she continued.

“Thanks! I’ve got the appetizers.” Cindi chimed as we all smiled finally in the mood to have fun.

I looked around and noted that there were a few all men tables around us.  Now that Chris and I were looking like we would just be friends I was all about looking for a distraction of my own.

Saturday, October 11th at 10:08pm:

“The line was not that bad.” I commented as we strolled into Layla. By all means, we were a bit early. The only benefit of this was that three women not willing to pay for VIP seats were able to commandeer a good people/guy watching spot near the bar.

“Oh…they are playing my song!” Jaz stood waving her hands in the air as the DJ spun Beyonce’s latest single “Single Ladies”.  I joined her on the nearby dance floor of our compact space by the bar even though hardly anyone else was dancing out in the open. Cindi stayed at the bar and bopped her head from side to side as she handed us our drinks and sipped on her own French Martini.  Too bad they did not make Mojitos.

Unexpectedly, a random guy grabbed my left hand to dance. In turn, I grabbed Jaz’s hand so all three of us could dance together in an effort not to ruin her mood. It was great fun.

Afterwards, he offered to buy us drinks. When the conversation started it was three of us against him as we began to pelt our new, tall and dark skinned friend with just the basics like “Is this your first time here?” and “have you lived here all your live?” or “You have such a great smile, I am sure you must hear that a lot?”  The conversation went really well and had us all laughing throughout. He told us about a Sunday party one his friends planned every third or fourth Sunday at his home in the Potomac. The next party was in two weeks and we were to call and let him know if we wanted to attend. Hopefully, that should be enough time to get to know him beforehand. I am not sure why but my ever so cautious voice in the back of my head was nagging me.  I was always skeptical of meeting guys in clubs.

When he left, Jaz said “Cindi he is cute and more your type than ours”. They had started flirting closer to the end of the conversation.

I thought she was right.

“He did, but I sensed a bit of arrogance and frankly I’ve dated arrogance so much in the past I was beginning to think it was my type. So, I might just hold off on thinking about him as a potential until we meet him again. That is if we go to this party.”

I turned around and it seemed like in a blink of an eye the club had gotten full.  I could tell that by 11pm we would not be able to move. As I am thinking this, the DJ starts playing Amerie’s “One Thing” and we started dancing again and had a great time just hanging out with each other.

Sunday, October 12th at 3:08pm:

Text to Jaz and Cindi: “Home. Me and my achy feet had a blast!”







Episode 4: Expect the Unexpected

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Friday, August 8, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Cindi and I had been on the phone all week salivating over the possibility that we would be meeting for dinner at the new place on F St., NW – Co Co. Sala for our usual divas night out.  The restaurant provided mini-meals but the main draw was their artisan chocolate desserts and pastries and the variety of chocolate-based drinks. Jaz was out of town with her students at Duke Ellington. They were on their annual summer trip to New York to watch a Broadway play. There was nothing exciting or enticing about hanging out with fifteen hormonal 14 year-olds in New York all weekend. This scenario conjured headaches and anxieties forcing me to brush away the frightful thought with last minute work issues.

I was running late as usual and it did not help that early-bird Cindi was certain to be on time tap-tap-tapping her feet as she stood outside for a smoke before I arrived. Thank goodness for the smoking indoor ban in DC-I literally breathed a sigh of relief when that law passed…no more smoke filled hair after a night of drinking and debauchery.

I finished the contract I had been drafting all day.  While walking towards the elevator I heard the uncanny hiss of a run in my stockings creeping up the side of my leg. Damn it! The stockings with a hint of purple were part of my “look” as they went perfectly with my Tory Burch Betty pumps and my What Comes Around Goes Around Tamara dress.  And I hadn’t even shaved my ashy legs in over a week.  Not a diva divine moment!  Since I knew I did not have any fr#$%king lotion I would have to remove the torn stockings and just try to buy some lotion on the way to the restaurant.  I was in a rush so I turned around and did not see anyone else in the elevator bank.  As the elevator appeared I stepped in quickly and tried to remove the unexpected “glitch in my plans” when I looked up and there was Jerry.  Crap! I snapped my head back and looked at him eyes wide open.  Crap again! Was my dress hiked up too high? I wondered to myself.  This was not what I wanted to happen at that moment. Seems like every Friday there was an embarrassing moment between the two of us. He cleared his throat. Geesh! At least this week I was not puking down his shirt after drinking too much and tripping in front of my co-workers.  He held unto his briefcase, pressed the lower level button and did not say anything to me. Hmmm…wonder if it’s time to start searching for a new job. I thought as I lowered my dress.

Friday, August 8, 2008 at 6:08 pm

As expected, Cindi was outside with cancer stick placed firmly in mouth.  She was once again wearing her work “uniform”. 

“What’s up with your legs?” she noticed wrinkling her upper lip as I approached.

“Do you have lotion? I am going to scavenger in the restroom for some.” I retorted.  Thankfully the restaurant was dark on the inside. As we stepped into the restaurant not only was the rich earth colored, modern tiled kitchen inspired bar décor and chic lounge fantastic but also the 6’1”, hot, fine as hell guy at front table who we assumed was the host.   He looks at us and says, “You two are the lovely women who were at Lima two weeks ago. How are you doing?”  Huh?! He remembered us. <jaw drop> I could not even remember seeing him.

“Yes! We were there it was so crowded that night.” Cindi saved the conversation…thankfully.  He took us to our table and proceeded to let us know what his favorite drink was on the menu. He came back again when we were ordering our meal and this time he let us know his favs were the classic macaroni and cheese as well as the Goat Cheese and beet salad and then he handed both of us his business card. Quick glance – he was the manager of this and a few other restaurants…even more fascinating.    Dinner was amazing and as we were about to leave he looks at us and says that we should call him next time we decided to stop by.

As we stepped outside, Cindi squealed “I think he was looking at you when he said that.”  I was taken aback since she was usually the male magnet and I was never able to find the lotion so I was not my usual confident best. Either way I can sometimes be oblivious to when a guy is paying attention to me. 

I think as of next week he and I will become email buddies.


Episode 3: Lima or Bust!

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Monday, July 28th – 7:45 pm

By the time I got to Lima I was so ready to hang out with the girls! As I arrived, the maître d handed me a complimentary drink with white foam on top. I had no idea what the drink was… it seemed like they were celebrating a Peruvian holiday and it was part of the festivities. The crowd was more than usual, so I had to pause for a bit in order to locate Cindi and Jaz in the crowd.  They were not on the lime green couches outside so I had to walk inside to find them. There they were sitting on the stools with a pitcher of my fav mango mojito. The pitcher and Jaz’s orange ruffled shirt would’ve been hard to miss in the crowd inside.

“Hey Loves!” I said walking quickly over to them since a Diva would never run in crowd.

Kiss Kisses to both of them. I missed my girls. I sat down tossing aside the complimentary whatever it was they handed me outside. Not that I was a lush by I knew already what would hit the spot.

“Jaz, I love that color orange on you. Those sandals are simply divine.“ Her shoes were a simple below the ankle gladiator with gold leather straps with orange, red and purple crystals. “Where did you get those?”

“Girl these are just another purchase from my trip to Italy last Fall.  I’ve been getting compliments on them all day.  So what is up with all the work drama?” Jaz inquired.

“Ahh. Yeah. Sorry I could not talk earlier – now spill it. What is up with you and crazy Maryanne?” Cindi chimed while removing her cardigan.

After my first sip, I told them about the entire day. I was so relieved when the story was over. I have to admit, I paused about whether or not to tell them what Maryanne said about me stealing Sam’s job. This was the first time I was beginning to realize that she might have stayed on at the office in-house happy hour a month ago to celebrate the closing of a deal. I thought Jerry and I were the only ones left in the building that night. I am not sure I wanted to tell the girls what happened that night and what I thought Maryanne might know. Or by now everyone else at the office, since I was still sort of embarrassed. I decided for now not to tell them.

“Girl, I am so glad you made it through all that drama. That girl was trouble from your first day. Let’s toast to a great night of fun and moving on.” Jaz yelled out excitedly. We all raised our glasses and then high-fived.  I just wanted not to think about it anymore.

Cindi gave me a hug and then she called out, “ladies, y’all hear the music downstairs? Thank goodness for mojitos. I think I wanna go find me a cutey.”  She got up to head out.

“Girl, you look great. Are you losing weight?” I noticed a difference in her.

“Yeah girl. My spinning class is working its magic.”

“I can tell. Your muscles are beginning to look cut. If you wanna go dance, I am right behind you.” I got up and we headed out. When we got downstairs Cindi disappeared into the restroom and came back with her long hair flowing. I called it her man-catcher look. Since, for some reason men, no matter what their nationality like long hair.

“Cindi why did I know you were going to do that.” I looked are her smiling while shaking my head. My own hair was a short pixie cut. I liked my hair short and easy to manage. Her response to me was some crazy salsa move. Before she got on the dance floor, this Hispanic looking guy grabbed her hands and started twirling her around. Surprisingly, she moved well in her striped Ann Taylor slacks with Brooks Brothers fitted short sleeved dress shirt. Even in her professional wear she still looked like a sultry diva.

Jaz and I moved on the sidelines. “Girl check out my new phone.” She showed me the new Verizon Blackberry. 

“Wow, that’s like a minimum of $130 a month!” I blurted out. I tended to be a conservative spender.

“I know but with all my freelancing gigs I need a way to answer emails.”

“Hey Diego, these are my friends Diane and Jaz.” Cindi came over smiling and perspiring. Diego was cuter up close than I would’ve thought. It so happened that he had four equally cute friends who were also friendly.

Jaz and I perked up immediately as we all returned to the dance floor.

To be continued …