Episode 20: Rice, Tea and a New Start

Delightful trio.

Delightful trio.

Monday, December 1st at 11:23am:

Location: Diane’s car, Tyson’s Corner

Scene: Diane in her car on a three-way call with Cindi and Jaz

“Hey Jaz, I have Cindi on the other line.” Diane started the conversation once the connection was made. “Darlings, I just found out that I got the job as a consultant on 15th and K St.! I am so excited!” She shrieked into the phone.

“Awesome news! Do you know what this means? We can do mani-pedis at lunch or just plain old eat together.”  Cindi said happy at the new turn of events.

“Or we can work out together at lunch!  You never get to come to the lunch time Zumba class at the gym. The instructor is way more fabulous than the one scheduled for the after work crowd.” Jaz noted with elation.

“Well, how about we meet tonight for dinner at Rice to celebrate?” Cindi suggested.

“Sounds great!” Diane and Jaz responded in unison.

Monday, December 1st at 6:44pm:

Location: Rice Restaurant, Dupont Circle

Scene: Cindi and Jaz are seated waiting for Diane to show up

“Hey Darlings,” Diane called out as she spotted the ladies at a table against the wall on the right of the restaurant, “I had the worst time getting here. That accident on 395 was bad but the rubberneckers were worst.  I hate having to crawl along bumper to bumper for over an hour expecting bloodied dead bodies and mayhem only to see a fender bender, one cop car and cars speeding down the highway when they pass the quote-unquote scene after having slowed their cars to a turtle’s pace. I cannot wait to not have to make this drive on a daily basis anymore. Hugs, Hugs.” They all greeted as she finished her tale.

“Cheers to that! Grab your water for the toast.” Jaz proclaimed raising her Thai iced tea as their glasses touched.

“I gave Jerry my two week notice today. I did not want to wait a second more. I am so looking forward to my new consulting job.” I said turning to the now present waitress to order my own Thai iced tea.

“So, what did he say?” Cindi wondered looking up at Diane and no longer at her menu.

“What did he say? You mean what did he do?” Diane said as she began her story.  “I walked into his office with my quickly drafted resignation letter.  As usual he was yelling at his secretary Alice…something about his coffee. I waited for her to walk out of his office and walked in. He snapped, ‘I hope you are here to tell me you have the report I asked you for yesterday!’ Granted there is no way that report would be ready as it would take a team of three and probably over 50 pages. I told him ‘I resign. This is my two-week notice’. He grunted and just said ‘Please get me a list of your outstanding projects by tomorrow and close my door on the way out’.  And with that he just went back to reviewing the other reports on his desk and never looked up at me again.” Diane said while she nibbled on the scrumptious sweet potato empanadas the ladies had ordered before she arrived.

“Wow! What an awful man.” Jaz looked saddened by the story.

“Don’t get me wrong. It was great place to work as far as money went but just too stressful and too much drama – more than even I could create.” Diane reflected.

“Cheers to new beginnings!” With that they all raised their glasses once more.

Monday, December 1st at 6:54pm:

Location: Rice Restaurant, Dupont Circle

Scene: Cindi, Diane and Jaz are ready to order

“What type of Rice are you getting Diane?” Jaz asked, “Can I tell you I could not wait to come here all day. I am definitely getting food to go.” Jaz finished with a giggle.

“The last time we were here you wanted to try the green tea.” Cindi noted as she was always good at remembering small details.

“Green tea it is.” Diane concurred.