Episode 23: Strange Bed Options

A Study of a Caribbean Beach in December

A Study of a Caribbean Beach in December

Friday, January 2nd at 7:23am:




Location: Diane’s Father’s home in Boston

Scene:  Standing in the living room with her bags.


“Dad, are you ready to head out?”

I had been calling him for the last 15 minutes. My flight leaves in 3 hours but I was just afraid of the walking into another web of chaos at the airport.  I remained impatient although Carmela had accepted the mission to pull him away from his study and the telephone. He was unofficially working from home today.  I would have asked my step brothers to take me to the airport but they had already taken off with the speed of running bulls when their college buddies suggested spending New Year’s Eve in New York. It had been kind of nice just the three of us in the house over the last few days.  A rarity though they’ve been married for six years now. Carmela gave great advice on my Chris situation and I was going to open myself more to a romantic relationship with him. 

“One moment,” he called from the top of the stairs, “I just need to put on my shoes and we should be on our way.” 

Thank goodness!

Sunday, January 4th at 10:44am:

Location: Busboys and Poets, 5th and K St., NW Washington, DC

Scene:  Ladies on top floor couch sipping on hot chocolate and reading the paper.


“Did you all hear about the dress registry website?” Jaz lazily flopped one of her booted feet on the couch. I could tell by looking at her knees that she had a great tan from her vacation home in Miami.

“No. I’ve been a hermit the last few days. What about it?” Cindi responded.

“It’s the best idea ever! Events are listed on a website and women who plan to attend can add the dress they plan to wear with dress details and a picture to the site.  For one of the Inaugural Balls someone listed that they are wearing an H&M dress.  Now, I am all for making sure some other diva does not show up with the same dress at the same event, but what diva would want someone else to know how much they actually paid for a super fabulous outfit.”  She explained with eye rolls using her hands to express how appalled she felt. 

“Hilarious indeed!  I will have to check it out. So, Cindi how was your vacation? Your tan looks great by the way darling.” She was seating in front of me more relaxed than I’ve seen her in a long time, red turtle neck, gold hoop earrings, hair in a ponytail and a slight brush on her lips of her favorite MAC lip gloss.  I wonder who the guy is.

“My vacation was great.  The family was together with my grandparents for the first time in four years. Grandma looked healthy after a scary stay in the hospital at the beginning of the month. Yvonne got to show off her engagement ring to the cousins. We partied till the sun came up just about every night for a week. Good times.” She nonchalantly stirred her hot chocolate.

I gave her a sideways glance, scrunching up my nose Samantha the witch style. I did not believe her. “Really and what else has been going on since you’ve returned?” I continued. Jaz’s head finally popped up in my direction periscope style.

“Nothing.” She squinted at me, “just vacation afterglow. I did see Jamie Foxx on the flight back. He is so cute.”

“Are you kidding me? Please don’t let me regurgitate my breakfast. Every time I see him on the blogs pouring drinks down a girl’s throat I think classy <air quotes>. He seems like the kind of guy who would purposely ride on the packed train car just to cop a secret feel.” Jaz spat her criticism and finished with another elaborate eye roll.

“Well, I still think he’s cute and would not hesitate to get secretly copped if the opportunity knocked.” She continued with a sly smile. Jaz turned the page of the Post style section obviously trying to ignore her response.

“How is Aidan?” I was still suspicious that something was brewing with that relationship and did want to get thrown off the scent.

“My goodness, you are like my second mother! Ok, so I have been sleeping with Aidan. I’ve just been too embarrassed to tell you ladies. I should have never taken things to home base with him.  But anyways I ended it this morning and so I am wearing a happy color.” She ended puffing out her chest and smoothing out her cashmere turtle neck. “Peruvian Connection by the way.” And so was the end to the revelation.

“Hmmm…the big reveal finally. We knew there were holes in the story you told us a few weeks ago.” Jaz nodded in my direction.

I shook my head, “maybe for 2009 we will have to work on getting you a serious man.”

“I know. You are probably right but we shall see.” I knew deep down she was in it for the chase and there was no chance of her staying in a relationship for more than the three month mark.


Episode 4: Expect the Unexpected

coco1(First Timer? Read from the start)

Friday, August 8, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Cindi and I had been on the phone all week salivating over the possibility that we would be meeting for dinner at the new place on F St., NW – Co Co. Sala for our usual divas night out.  The restaurant provided mini-meals but the main draw was their artisan chocolate desserts and pastries and the variety of chocolate-based drinks. Jaz was out of town with her students at Duke Ellington. They were on their annual summer trip to New York to watch a Broadway play. There was nothing exciting or enticing about hanging out with fifteen hormonal 14 year-olds in New York all weekend. This scenario conjured headaches and anxieties forcing me to brush away the frightful thought with last minute work issues.

I was running late as usual and it did not help that early-bird Cindi was certain to be on time tap-tap-tapping her feet as she stood outside for a smoke before I arrived. Thank goodness for the smoking indoor ban in DC-I literally breathed a sigh of relief when that law passed…no more smoke filled hair after a night of drinking and debauchery.

I finished the contract I had been drafting all day.  While walking towards the elevator I heard the uncanny hiss of a run in my stockings creeping up the side of my leg. Damn it! The stockings with a hint of purple were part of my “look” as they went perfectly with my Tory Burch Betty pumps and my What Comes Around Goes Around Tamara dress.  And I hadn’t even shaved my ashy legs in over a week.  Not a diva divine moment!  Since I knew I did not have any fr#$%king lotion I would have to remove the torn stockings and just try to buy some lotion on the way to the restaurant.  I was in a rush so I turned around and did not see anyone else in the elevator bank.  As the elevator appeared I stepped in quickly and tried to remove the unexpected “glitch in my plans” when I looked up and there was Jerry.  Crap! I snapped my head back and looked at him eyes wide open.  Crap again! Was my dress hiked up too high? I wondered to myself.  This was not what I wanted to happen at that moment. Seems like every Friday there was an embarrassing moment between the two of us. He cleared his throat. Geesh! At least this week I was not puking down his shirt after drinking too much and tripping in front of my co-workers.  He held unto his briefcase, pressed the lower level button and did not say anything to me. Hmmm…wonder if it’s time to start searching for a new job. I thought as I lowered my dress.

Friday, August 8, 2008 at 6:08 pm

As expected, Cindi was outside with cancer stick placed firmly in mouth.  She was once again wearing her work “uniform”. 

“What’s up with your legs?” she noticed wrinkling her upper lip as I approached.

“Do you have lotion? I am going to scavenger in the restroom for some.” I retorted.  Thankfully the restaurant was dark on the inside. As we stepped into the restaurant not only was the rich earth colored, modern tiled kitchen inspired bar décor and chic lounge fantastic but also the 6’1”, hot, fine as hell guy at front table who we assumed was the host.   He looks at us and says, “You two are the lovely women who were at Lima two weeks ago. How are you doing?”  Huh?! He remembered us. <jaw drop> I could not even remember seeing him.

“Yes! We were there it was so crowded that night.” Cindi saved the conversation…thankfully.  He took us to our table and proceeded to let us know what his favorite drink was on the menu. He came back again when we were ordering our meal and this time he let us know his favs were the classic macaroni and cheese as well as the Goat Cheese and beet salad and then he handed both of us his business card. Quick glance – he was the manager of this and a few other restaurants…even more fascinating.    Dinner was amazing and as we were about to leave he looks at us and says that we should call him next time we decided to stop by.

As we stepped outside, Cindi squealed “I think he was looking at you when he said that.”  I was taken aback since she was usually the male magnet and I was never able to find the lotion so I was not my usual confident best. Either way I can sometimes be oblivious to when a guy is paying attention to me. 

I think as of next week he and I will become email buddies.