Episode 6: Marvelous Dates and Fantastic Lunches


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 2:03pm

I had an appointment in Foggy Bottom with my optometrist so I decided to meet the ladies at Match Box for a late lunch afterwards. The restaurant was close to Cindi’s job and since I was taking the rest of the day off and Jaz’s had no classes at least for the next week, it was the perfect place to meet.

“Hey Ladies!” I squealed as we all sauntered from opposite directions towards the restaurant.

After our kiss-kiss greeting, Jaz noted “Diane, I love your skinny jeans, white tank, and flats combo with bright pink scarf. You are acting so sprightly today. I am guessing the appointment went well. Are those the shoes you bought on our weekend trip to NY in June? They look great on you.” She gave me the once over with the smile of approval.

Cindi also gave a knowing smile and commented on Jaz’s summery tie-dyed halter maxi dress. “You both are so lucky you don’t have to work today.” She did an over-exaggerated pout. We gave her a light hug and high-fived each other.

Jaz broke the group admiration session and exclaimed “So how did the date go Miss bright and sunny on a Tuesday? Don’t leave anything out.” She ordered.

Just as she said that the hostess came to lead us to our table. I did a cute wiggle in the way only a diva could and told her teasingly “wouldn’t you like to know…”

That peaked both their interests and with three smiling faces we quickly walked to our table upstairs ignoring the salivation worthy mini burgers and pizza entrees permeating our ready nostrils on our path through the cozy tri-level former rowe house.

We sat down and immediately gave the waitress our order for three mini-burgers each, two orders with mozzarella one without.

“So where did Lima boy take you?” Cindi asked leaning towards me already expectantly.

“Ummm…Chris took me to Sea Catch restaurant in Georgetown. I had never heard of it but he thought I would love the sea food options. They are his favorite.” I started.

“Wait a minute! Let’s start off with the good stuff. What did you wear?” Jaz chimed in.

Cindi continued with “How was he dressed?”

“I was going to wear my usual jeans and a nice top and some super cute heels but I wanted a flirtier look so I opted for a white, strapless, above the knee bubble dress that I had bought from Nordstrom last Spring with some strappy pink, green and yellow heels. I did not want to overdo it on the first date but I also wanted a softer look to send the hint that I was interested in a big way. He and I had had really great conversations for the past two weeks.” The waitress brought us some water and while she served us I went on with the story. “He showed up in a gold Trooper that had lots of mud on the outside and looked kind of 5 years- old or more. Frankly, I don’t really care – you all know that but, I was sort of surprised because for some reason I had him pegged as classic Mercedes and button-down and impeccably neat type. Cindi, when we first met him you even described him as the ultra-sophisticated type.  And he also wore clean pressed jeans and a long sleeved blue textured button-down. He looked even better the second time around.”

“Oh my…so far so good. With your long legs I am sure you got the message across.” Jaz chimed.

“He smelled really nice and has such eclectic taste in music – pop, jaz, rap – humming from the last Fall Out Boy CD and singing alongg with a few Mos Def songs. I was surprised.  The restaurant was quaint and romantic. I kept it simple by ordering the crab cakes and he had the lobster sashimi. I tasted some of his – yes we shared meals – and it was surprisingly good.”

“And darling, what did you talk about? Or maybe you just stared into each other’s eyes?” Cindi asked sneaking Jaz a quick look.

“I saw that look! We just spoke about the basics family, hobbies and past relationships.  He explained that he had recently gone hiking and fishing in West Virginia hence the mud on the car. He works a lot managing the restaurants and is thinking about opening his own in a few years. He is so different. He just got out of a 5 year relationship so he mentioned just taking things easy as far as dating goes. Dinner lasted two hours and afterwards we walked near the Potomac river for a about an hour talking and then headed home.”

“Hmmmm.” Cindi said. They both had smiles on their faces. “This sounds promising.” She continued. “How do you feel about him?” Cindi asked as our burgers arrived. I started picking at the straw fries and told them I was keeping my fingers crossed on this prospect. They kept asking questions.

“I am so glad you are dating. I hope it will be something serious. You deserve someone caring and to emotionally move-on from Rafi.”

I nodded. I knew it was time to get over the “I am moving into a new phase of my life and I’m not sure where you fit in” ex-boyfriend.

This reminded me of something I had to tell them that I wanted to downplay. “So Chris takes me home and we lightly kiss good night. You know I am following my three month rule…well sort of. <wink> I step into the house and my phone rings and it’s Rafi. I feel like he just knows when I am moving on. I just let it go to voicemail.”

“Eye roll!” Jaz exclaimed as we delved into our meal. “Hey some great news…I am going to Miami next weekend with George. Wanna come with?”

“That’s an appealing thought. Maybe we can stay until Labor Day.” Cindi pondered for both of us.