Episode 15: Fun In Numbers

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Saturday, October 11th at 7:41pm:

“Diane, don’t tell me you are going to wear that shawl all night? I didn’t know we invited Ms. Frumpy to hang out.” Cindi gave me the once over as we stepped into the restroom at the Park. We had decided to go there for dinner before our night out.

“Thanks for the compliment.,” I said being facetious, “I know it’s not the cutest shawl but you forget we are already in October.” I continued removing the shawl and continued freshening up my makeup as a guy came out of one of the stalls behind me.

“Hey.” He said as his eyes laser focused on my derriere and now exposed back. Did he expect that I would not be able to look into the mirror and tell what he was doing?

“Hmmm,” was the only sound I could muster in response.  I have always disliked the unisex aspect of this multi-person restroom.  Do the men have to see us adjust our bras or hear us talk about them?! I thought to myself as we walked up the stairs to our table.

 “Looks like Jaz found a handsome distraction.” Cindi noted as we sauntered towards her making our approach.

“Hi.” We both said in unison as Jaz introduced us. After we shook hands, he gave Jaz his business card and went back to his table.

“Good to see you making friends. He‘s cute. I like his Guayabera shirt.” Cindi noted while Jaz shrugged.

“Ok ladies, so I broke down a few hours ago and called George.  I got his voicemail, his stupid voicemail! I am just mad at myself for breaking down. It’s been two hours and he hasn’t even called me back.” She said obviously distraught.

“Jaz, there is nothing wrong with calling him. Even though he is a jerk, you were in this relationship for eight years.  That amount of time cannot just disappear within a week.” I said giving her a hug relieved when she took a deep breath and nodded.

“Oh my, I am becoming a wet blanket! Sorry ladies this is our night of fun! I will buy us all something to drink so we can/I can celebrate being single.” Jaz was motioning to our waiter. “By the way Cindi, I like the way you layered the gold necklaces with the dress. They go well together”, she continued.

“Thanks! I’ve got the appetizers.” Cindi chimed as we all smiled finally in the mood to have fun.

I looked around and noted that there were a few all men tables around us.  Now that Chris and I were looking like we would just be friends I was all about looking for a distraction of my own.

Saturday, October 11th at 10:08pm:

“The line was not that bad.” I commented as we strolled into Layla. By all means, we were a bit early. The only benefit of this was that three women not willing to pay for VIP seats were able to commandeer a good people/guy watching spot near the bar.

“Oh…they are playing my song!” Jaz stood waving her hands in the air as the DJ spun Beyonce’s latest single “Single Ladies”.  I joined her on the nearby dance floor of our compact space by the bar even though hardly anyone else was dancing out in the open. Cindi stayed at the bar and bopped her head from side to side as she handed us our drinks and sipped on her own French Martini.  Too bad they did not make Mojitos.

Unexpectedly, a random guy grabbed my left hand to dance. In turn, I grabbed Jaz’s hand so all three of us could dance together in an effort not to ruin her mood. It was great fun.

Afterwards, he offered to buy us drinks. When the conversation started it was three of us against him as we began to pelt our new, tall and dark skinned friend with just the basics like “Is this your first time here?” and “have you lived here all your live?” or “You have such a great smile, I am sure you must hear that a lot?”  The conversation went really well and had us all laughing throughout. He told us about a Sunday party one his friends planned every third or fourth Sunday at his home in the Potomac. The next party was in two weeks and we were to call and let him know if we wanted to attend. Hopefully, that should be enough time to get to know him beforehand. I am not sure why but my ever so cautious voice in the back of my head was nagging me.  I was always skeptical of meeting guys in clubs.

When he left, Jaz said “Cindi he is cute and more your type than ours”. They had started flirting closer to the end of the conversation.

I thought she was right.

“He did, but I sensed a bit of arrogance and frankly I’ve dated arrogance so much in the past I was beginning to think it was my type. So, I might just hold off on thinking about him as a potential until we meet him again. That is if we go to this party.”

I turned around and it seemed like in a blink of an eye the club had gotten full.  I could tell that by 11pm we would not be able to move. As I am thinking this, the DJ starts playing Amerie’s “One Thing” and we started dancing again and had a great time just hanging out with each other.

Sunday, October 12th at 3:08pm:

Text to Jaz and Cindi: “Home. Me and my achy feet had a blast!”








Episode 14: Back Together Again


Saturday, October 11th at 12:34pm:

As I was pulling into the only available parking spot on K St. that I could locate after about ten minutes of driving around the block, I got a call from Jaz who I expected was already at the restaurant since she had left her home in Columbia Heights thirty-minutes ago. We had made plans to have a girls-day-out with Cindi and decided to start off with brunch at the new Busboys and Poets restaurant on 5th and K St. followed with shopping on U. St.

“Diane where are you?” Jaz sang happily into the phone.

“I just found parking a block away from the restaurant! I should be there in less than five minutes. Cindi will be about fifteen minutes late since her morning of pampering at the Four Seasons in Georgetown is taking longer than expected.” I said excitedly since I too was in a great mood and just happy to have my two best girls back and available to hang out. It had been over a month or so since we all hung out together. Cindi had been working major hours at her firm getting ready for a trial that was now thankfully going to settle and Jaz found out George, her boyfriend of eight years had been cheating on her using Match.com so she had just taken a break and gone home to visit her family.  Drama!

“Darling, did you get us a table? I heard from my friend Janice that the restaurant was packed when she stopped by yesterday. I was afraid that we might have to wait a while for a table today.” I said while locking my Jeep and walking towards the restaurant. Noticing how much gentrification was already evident in the surrounding neighborhood.

“No worries. I have that department covered. I am at our table now. I figured I would just sit and wait for you both knowing full well how crowded BB&P can be.” Jaz reassured noting our nickname for the popular local restaurant, bookstore and poetry hotspot.

It was great to hear that Jaz was in a better state now that she had been able to visit with her family. Even though she was quick to note that they were driving her nuts and she had to make her quick escape when they tried to recruit her to help manage her brother’s campaign for republican Representative to Congress knowing full well that she was a democrat.

Saturday, October 11th at 12:40pm:

“So, how are you doing darling?” I asked Jaz, “at least you look rested and tanned,” I continued also noting her cute, brightly colored outfit. She was fond of oranges, browns, yellows and other bright colors that went well with her honey complexion.

“I am well and glad to be back. I have some good news but I will wait until Cindi gets here.” She explained while looking around at the artwork around the restaurant. This location is surely now our new favorite hangout!

“Now, I am curious, but I can wait. I need to take a beach trip soon to reinforce my summer tan before my paleness wears in.” We both giggled over my last comment. Being part Jewish and part African-American and leaning more in skin tone towards my Jewish father did not obviously bode well for keeping a natural tan in the winter.

“Hey Divas!” We looked up to see Cindi looking happy and glowing probably due in part to an hour long massage and freshly moisturized face.

Saturday, October 11th at 12:59pm:

“Ok Jaz, we’ve just placed our order so you must tell us your big news.” I asked impatient from waiting.

“I got the lead part in a spring 2009 production at the Studio Theater!” she exclaimed.

“Awesome! I am so glad for you. You definitely deserve some wonderful news in your life.” I noted as we all high-fived!

“Now I am definitely in a dessert mood!” Cindi exclaimed.

“I will second that.” Jaz piped in.

“Can I tell you both a random story?” I said anticipating their full attention. “So, why did I go to Champs with Janice a few days ago and was hit on by a guy named Joseph. I’ve never before been hit on by a guy with the same name as my dad. He was cute, fine and tall with a great smile and a great conversationalist. Just the way I like them, but I could not stop thinking that if we were to ever get intimate and he said ‘who’s your daddy?’ I could never answer him and would have to die a thousand deaths!”

“Whoa! Never thought of that before. Did he have a middle name? You could always answer that, if you ever got to the point where he would ask you this question.” Cindi said while chuckling.

“I have no idea! I just did not want to go there. The thought was nauseating!” I said also not being able to stop laughing.

“Guys in this city suck anyway!” Jaz noted. Thankfully, our chai lattes arrived as a welcomed distraction before she became too sullen.

Saturday, October 11th at 2:38pm:

“Let’s all take my car to U. St.” Cindi noted. It sounded like a plan because after my buckwheat pancakes I was too full to drive.

Our first stop was Dekka, a co-op boutique featuring independent designers and artists.  It is a great place to go if you are a Diva looking for a one-of-a-kind wardrobe addition. And since our goal was hanging out later that night at the Layla Lounge in NE, we definitely needed diva divine stand out in the crowd outfits. So, I purchased a cute, short, navy blue dress from the Yo Soy fashion line with chain links in the back which allowed me to show off my legs. All that yoga had to be good for something!  The color went well with my left over summer tan. Jaz was still obviously hesitant about getting back on the proverbial dating horse but she still could not resist buying a silver, chiseled textured cuff from Golden Plum Designs Cindi being who she was opted for the sophisticated ruffled open front Fiona dress from Moojoo Ken.

We ended the shopping trip people watching for a few hours outside of Mocha Hut. I could not wait for our evening of fun. With the three of us together there are bound to be great laughs but hopefully not too many gaffes.



Episode 13: Frustrations

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Saturday, October 4th at 10am:

“Spoke to Jaz last night. She is thinking about moving back to Florida!” I exclaimed as soon as Cindi answered the phone.

“She is what! Why would she want to do that? George is not even worth turning her life upside down. Why would she leave us? We are a diva trio.” Cindi was shocked. I was not surprised she hadn’t heard that Jaz was contemplating this decision because she had pretty much been living at her firm for the last week or two.

“Well, she is in a weird mental place so she is now considering going back to school.  Something about being tired living paycheck to paycheck or having to ask her parents for money.” I noted.

“Oh whatever! Give me a break! Her parents are wealthy and happy to pay her rent. At least she does not have to stick with a crappy job just because she has lots of bills to pay.  She’s been is paying her dues by driving the same crappy car for the past ten years. No one thinks anything of it and either way she can always go to school here. So, there is no reason for her to  move.” Cindi said with a loud tone. I was sure she would yell if she were at home.  I could also tell Cindi was rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone.  Jaz was always trying to downplay her family’s money by using of her bohemian lifestyle as a disguise, but we still loved her either way.

Sunday, October 5th at 3pm:

“Hey Lady, I just got out of my spinning class.  I’m heading to the Whole Foods on 14th, do you want to meet in a few minutes for coffee?” I called Cindi while walking to my car already expecting her to say no. It was such a nice afternoon that I was only wearing a tank and shorts.  I definitely wanted to stay outside and play.

“Uhh…I really can’t. I know I sound like a broken record but I have tons to do here. The good news is we are considering settling which would be great! I think I’ve worked a fourth of my billable hours working on this case these past few months.” Cindi said with a sigh.  I knew she must be really tired.

“I hope it works out! That would be great news for Yvonne too since I am sure she has a long list of wedding to dos waiting for you to take over.” I said as my thoughts wondered to all the emails she had received from her sister with wedding ideas and forwarded me in last few weeks.  I can see her being busy for a long time yet.

“Please don’t remind me. If this case is over by the end of the month like I am hoping, more than likely I will be on vacation in Greece. I’ve always wanted to go and I am so there. Maybe I can find my very own greek hottie preferrably named Constantine.” Cindi noted as we both giggled.

“Let me know if you need company, since if all goes well on my end I might be in between jobs during that time too!” I stated while looking up to see an available parking spot on P Street  which would make running in and out of the store so much easier to run in and out. Unfortunately while waiting for the driver of the parked car to vacate the spot another driver decided to swoop into the spot I was waiting for.

“What the heck! People in this city are either stealing your parking spot right from under you or blowing their horn impatiently when they want your parking spot because they think you are taking too long and undeserving of the time necessary to put on your seat belt or telephone earpiece. I cannot believe this chick just stole my spot!”  All the positive effects of my work out and the weather went out the window as I made a failed attempt to block this person’s entry into my potential parking spot. I drove on. No sense getting into a yelling match and ruining my mood even more.

“That sucks! Sorry. I know how you feel. It has happened to me before too.” Cindi reassured.

“No problem. I will be ok. I just have to spend some more gas looking for another spot or try the parking garage for the store which is certain to be full.” I stated as I pondered my next move. “I still have to run to the store to grab some groceries. Chris is cooking dinner and I am bringing the wine.”

“Well, I hope you find parking soon.  Either way, in regards to the trip, you’re on! I will most definitely need a partner in crime.”  She exclaimed.

My mood was brightened.



Episode 12: Betrayal Confirmed

dc-metro-map(First Timer? Read from the start)

Friday, September 19th at 11:00pm

Tap! Tap! Tap! “Oh that must be the door. Jaz, I will be right back,” I uncoiled myself from the lotus position and half walked and stretched my legs on my way to open the door.

At the door, Cindi asked while whispering “How is doing? Is she OK?”

Lowering my voice as well, I responded “She is doing a lot better now. Not crying as much. She is debating calling and asking him right now about his Match.com profile and his cheating on her, but I told her maybe she should confront him face-to-face that way she can better gauge his reaction.”

“Not sure if she should wait. Well anyway, let me in I want to show her the goodies I brought with me.”

“Hey sweetie, how are you doing?” She exclaimed walking into the room making a beeline to a sullen Jaz curled up on the couch swaddled in my favorite quilt. “I brought you some junk and some Sex and The City. They are right here when you need them.” Cindi noted as she placed her bounty on the coffee table.

On cue, I walked to the kitchen to grab some plates, napkins and bottles of water. On my way back to the living room, I noticed that Jaz was now sitting up and sobbing.

“I can’t believe he would do this to me, to us.  Crap! I would have even understood if he wanted to take a break or not date anymore. But to cheat?! What a loser! What did I ever see in him?” And with that outburst she swigged half of the bottle of water.

“Hon, so what are you going to do?  Diane was saying that you wanted to wait to talk to him later?” Cindi inquired. I could already tell that she did not think that was a good decision and that the fighting litigator in her was getting ready to roar.

“I am really upset, but I am going to wait to talk in person.  He  texted me ten minutes ago that he wanted to stop by tonight after quote, unquote – hanging out with his friends. So, I am going to head home in a few to confront him. I copied and pasted his profile in an email to myself, as proof. Gosh, I am so annoyed!  I don’t even know how I can tell my mother!”

Saturday, September 20th at 3:30am

“Hello, Jaz darling what is going on? How did the talk go?” I said after calling her still half asleep.

“We’ve been arguing for hours. He finally left a few minutes ago. He admitted to dating other women for the past two years.  He said he was only doing it as an ego boost but that none of these relationships were important to him.  He claims there was only heavy petting involved. ‘I still love only you baby’ he said over and over. At this point I don’t believe him. He says we should go to a counselor and not throw away eight years. But, I feel like such a fool. Two years and over ten women, maybe more!  His best friend AJ even knew what he was doing all this time and no one told me. They must think I am a stupid. I am so sick about the whole situation.” She said tearfully.

“Do you want me to come over?” I was thinking that she should not be by herself.

“Ummm…not really.  I just need to be by myself right now.” Sniff. Sniff. “I just have to take all of this in. It’s all so new. I am 29 years old. He and I dated ever since my last year in college. My entire twenties I could’ve dated other people! I even thought he would pop the question when I turned 30. To think that I could’ve married someone I never really knew is scary. How did I miss the signs?” She said all this and just went silent.  Then I heard her in the background fiddling around.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously.

“Getting his stuff ready to dump in the trash room. I never want to see him again!”

I stayed on the phone with her until early in the morning. She needed to talk and I so I just listened also in shock at all that was happening to her relationship. In the end, at least physically all reminders of him were no longer at her place. I still had to remind her to change her locks the next day but after we both got some sleep.



Episode 11: Betrayal Discovery

Friday, September 19th at 7:00pm

“Jaz, do you want red or white?” I asked her grabbing a multi-colored wine glass.

“Red for I am in a pensive mood tonight. Oh I love that glass! Where did you get it?”

“Pier  1.  I must ask, what is wrong with this picture? We are home on a Friday working on an Internet dating profile for Cindi. Shouldn’t we be out on dates ourselves?”

“Oh please girl, what are you talking about? You have Chris and you just need to be patient during these first three months.  You don’t have to be around him all the time.” Jaz pointed out fiddling with the veggies on the stove.

“Darling, and you are dating George. What’s up with you guys lately?”  I started to serve our quickie dinner of veggie lasagna a la Whole Foods. I also looked at her for possible signs of trouble because it always seems like George was never really around anymore. She could so do better.

“Oh we are just there. I think he is out with the guys tonight at some bar or ball game. We are just in the couple-ly state you get to when you’ve been dating for 8 years.”

“Well you need to spice it up because I need something to look forward to like a wedding one day! Ummm …where did you get that fabulous purse!?” I exclaimed handing her the plate.

“Girl, Nido’s in Georgetown. I got like 10 compliments on the way here.” She responded touching her new purple purse with gold hardware. “You should stop by there over the weekend before all the new stuff’s gone.”

Friday, September 19th at 8:00pm

“So how do we start this?” Jaz asked as we both stared at the laptop.

“Darling, my co-worker said that we could go online and search the Match.com database first to see who is on there.  To be honest, I am actually curious as to the kind of guys who participate on this site.” I started the search.

“You are typing 28 to 32 as the age range she would like, but I think she would prefer someone her age or older. Try 30 to 34.” Jaz commented and I typed her suggestions. I ran the search.

“These guys are kinda cute. It’s so funny some of them seem familiar but then again they really don’t. How do you make a decision with so many choices?” I asked while scanning the pages upon pages of pictures.

“I know.  So many.  So cute.  Maybe I should sign myself up!  It’s so interesting how this one guy, BRWNSKNCUTEY looks just like George. Can you believe that?  I wonder if there is a Chris lookalike? This is fun.” Jaz stated while commenting on the various quirky usernames.

“Jaz sweetie, are you sure that guy was not George? Same age, same smile, same height, same job. Can’t believe the he makes that much! Wow! Umm, so what do you think?” I asked, biting down on my lips and waiting without taking a breath. Time to drink some more wine! This is not good.

She clicked back to the profile in question and after rereading and rereading and looking at his other photos especially the one from a few years back of the two of them, only in this version she was cropped out of the shot she stood up unexpectedly. Luckily, I caught the computer in the nick of time before it went flying off the couch.

“Why would he have a profile on this site! Out with his friends? Oh my goodness, my mother was right. I’ve wasted all my ‘good years’ on a cheater! That little S@#$#@$%^W&! How could I be such a fool?”

“Jaz calm down! You have to calm down. I know this is weird but you are going to have to talk to him. This is such a weird situation. Are you ok?”

“How else can I be? Potentially the guy I’ve been dating for the last 8 years has been openly cheating on me. What do women normally do in this sort of situation?  I probably need to take an AIDS test.”

And so she went on and on. What do I do?

Friday, September 19th at 10:00pm

Text message to Cindi: “On Match.com last night with Jaz. Found out George is cheating! Yikes!”

Text message from Cindi: “What the hey?! Where is she?”

Text message to Cindi: “Here at my house.”

Text message from Cindi: “Coming over in a few”














Episode 10: To Hook Up or Not…

14th-and-k_2(First Timer? Read from the start)

Tuesday, September 16th at 10:00pm

“So babe, Lauriol Plaza was a great choice for dinner.  It reminds me of Florida.” He had his hands on my shoulders giving me a light massage as we walked to my car.

“Yeah? It seemed like you really enjoyed the Margaritas.” I responded and the other women were more your speed – I thought to myself, while wondering what Chris was up to. The massage felt good physically but I could not stop thinking about his actions in the restaurant. Another well tanned player with a great smile AND magic fingers.

“Why don’t you come up to my hotel room for a minute? You seem really tired and I can finish rubbing your shoulders and make you feel better.”

Oh my gosh! I needed to get away from him before I did something I would regret. Hadn’t I been at the junction of lust and common sense before and ended up choosing the option of skin on skin action. Yikes! My phone started to buzz and the alarm message said “Call Mom 2morrow” just the sign I needed. We were both in my car and the kissing and massaging just would not stop. Didn’t his hands ever get tired? Finally, we arrived at his hotel.

“David sweetie you are correct I am tired. <fake yawn> I have an early morning meeting so I have to get my beauty rest.”  With that said he plastered on a lip-to-lip with his pale pink and well moisturized seducers and it was simply “GLORIOUS!” I took a deep breath and turned the key in my car. He walked out. Should I be proud of myself? My phone alarm buzzed again.

Tuesday, September 16th at 10:30pm

“Cindi Alexander speaking,” she answered like a robotic secretary.

“Darling, you are so lucky to be at work.  At least you don’t have to deal with the guy drama I am faced with.” I let out a sigh.

“How was the date?” she asked.

Did I just hear her typing away…oh well what’s new. “Florida David and I went to Lauriol Plaza. He was dressed well, button front shirt, jeans and Gucci sandals, but dry as a bone in the area of conversation. And, I caught him looking around at some other chiquitas and flirting with the waitress all night long!”

“Well, the good news is that since you are talking to me now you are obviously not going home with him.  Thank goodness! We’ve been there before.”

“Thanks! Whatever? He was a great dancer. Maybe I will call him just to hang out the next time we go to visit Jaz’s family.  So, how was the engagement party?” I asked unlocking my front door.

“It was great!  Thanks for helping me pick the J. Crew watercolor dress. I also took your advice and wore it with ankle booties.  The outfit was a hit. Unfortunately, Yvonne is already emailing me lists of things to do and wants to talk about who she should invite.  I don’t think she understands the word busy. Thank goodness the wedding isn’t for a year. I already need a vacation!”

“Darling, maybe you need a man and/or regular romance in your life?” I said what I’d been holding in for some months now.

“Who are you telling! Darn it! Just spilled coffee on my new ruffled front pinstripe…Aaah! I have no time right now to find that itch to scratch or scratch that itch. Whatever! I just never have time for anything and I hate that my job is so time consuming. And I hate that I have my LIST of what the perfect guy should be!” Sniffs and inhales followed. This conversation was taking a turn for the worst.

“By the way, I have someone who is perfect for you. Just go on this one date and I will not bug you about this again! Good night and stop worrying about everything!” I informed her a little taken aback by her sadness.

Wednesday, September 17th at 8:30am

“Jaz, wake up! Operation ‘Find Cindi A Man’ is on.”

“Oh, okay.” She answered groggily.


Episode 8: Sun, Politics and Crushes


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Friday, August 29th at 5:03 pm

“Yeah!” The whooping and clapping could be heard from the garage and grew even louder as we stepped into the house. Unfortunately, no one noticed our sashay into the room. Surprisingly, about 20 or so people were in the house glued to the television, on their faces a mixture of laser focus and extreme merriment as they watched Senator McCain holding the hands of a brunette.

Guillermo proclaimed to the group from his imaginary podium, “We’re going to the White House, baby! That’ll teach those Democrats to underestimate the superior party. McCain-Palin, what a game changer! Oh man!” He ended this tirade, high-fiving the men in the room before heading towards the kitchen.

It was at this moment my crush ended and his chiseled jaw reminded me of stoic narrow-minded policies and looking at his tall handsome body I noticed only an ingrate with spilled pizza sauce on his shirt.  I saw more of the same and wished without regret he would not be elected Mayor of Coconut Grove.  Happy Republicans were not a sight I particularly enjoyed. I rolled my eyes.

“Who is she?” I asked softly looking only to Jaz and Cindi for an answer. They both shrugged. So, sensing from the picture that McCain had just chosen a VP nominee that had energized the room I shouted “Whatever you Republicans throw at us we can take it and give it back!” They all turned to look at me.  Just as the daggers were about to fly, Cindi and Jaz grabbed both my hands and dragged me upstairs saving me from becoming political road kill.

Friday, August 29th at 10:01 pm

A few hours later after being repeatedly briefed on the latest political happenings via the annoying CNN reruns, I was more than ready to leave the house. I started to make a move towards getting ready, noting that Chris had just returned my 5:39pm text. He was out with his friend Alisha from college and the guys of course. I had no time to analyze the potential doom and gloom scenarios having to do with this message.

“Diane, we are heading out in 30 minutes. We also told Guillermo to stay away from you.” Jaz called out from the hallway giggling while she said the last statement.

“Did you call Chris and invite him to come out?” Cindi asked popping her head into the bathroom. She was wearing a cute body hugging black dress.

“Umm…don’t want to talk about it, but look at you! Darling, too bad you are Caribbean otherwise you would be mistaken for one of Robert Palmer’s back up dancers.” I noted and commented on how great her makeup looked.

“Are you trying to say I am ‘simply irresistible’?” she went on mimicking the lipstick wearing dancers.

Jaz turned on the music in her room and we were ready to go.

In the car, I told them about the text message and we vowed that tonight would be about fun and there would be no talk about the two stressful situations in my life – politics and love.

Saturday, August 30th at 1:33 am

“Why did you tell Chris to come? That guy you were salsa dancing with seemed so nice and so cute – getting you a tissue, buying us all drinks and he is so well traveled. How are you going to handle being around both of them?” Jaz proclaimed just getting off the dance floor herself.   

“I don’t know. I did not give it much thought. He asked me where we were. I told him Mansion and he said he was on his way. It all happened so fast.” I tried to explain through my mojito induced haze. I was suddenly depressed about the whole situation. How would I handle it?

“Hey Diane, I have an early flight to catch so I am going to head out but here is my card. Give me your number and maybe we can meet for dinner next week when I am in DC.” I turned to David elated and relieved.

We hugged and he left while almost simultaneously Chris showed up.