Episode 28: Showing-Off Beyond the Stage

vinoteca-wine-barThursday, February 5th at 7:51pm:
Location: Studio Theater, P Street, NW
Scene:  Cindi and Diane at the opening night of Jaz’s show.

“Hey Lady, thanks for holding seats for us,” Cindi noted as she arrived ten minutes after I did and on the arms of Aidan who I thought was as welcomed in her life as a painful corn would be on one of her toes.  He always seemed to be around. And like that painful corn could ruin a good pair of shoes, he sure had the ability to ruin what could be a good time among girlfriends.  Although she would never admit it I could tell that she was becoming smitten with him. After all he is attentive, was able to take her out to dinner regularly and was gainfully employed even though they had that sticky situation of being co-workers.  Go figure, at this point I knew that the bond between them was sealed so I had to be more observant than critical.

“No worries Darling. Do you like the flowers I got for Jaz? Her family is over on the left side of the stage so we should go over and say hi after the show.” I explained as we both looked over to the left and waived at her mother who had just spotted us.

At that moment, the lights dimmed and the curtain rose. There was Jaz in prairie wear bent over a washbasin. She looked amazing.

After the show, we all headed to Vinoteca on U Street for a celebratory dinner. Jaz was actually the happiest we’ve seen her in awhile.

Thursday, February 5th at 10:22pm:
Location: Vinoteca Restaurant, U Street, NW
Scene:  Celebratory dinner.

“What did you all think about the show?” Jaz asked me while we waited for our drinks.

“Darling you were very West Virginia.  I loved the Little House on the Prairie look and you were so convincing as the struggling wife fighting for her kids in the depression. I loved it! It was a non-sexy role that definitely showed your range.” I was so happy that she was focused on moving her career forward. She needed some joy in her life.

“Yes, Jaz we all thought you were great! I am so happy for you.” Cindi chimed in. As the drinks arrived we toasted to the successful run of Jaz’s show.

At the end of the meal, over-compensating Aidan volunteered to pick up the check. This made Jaz’s dad uncomfortable since it was a matter of pride for him to take care of his family. We all smiled and let him pay since he insisted on doing so. It was awkward. I wondered how long he and Cindi were going to last.