Episode 13: Frustrations

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Saturday, October 4th at 10am:

“Spoke to Jaz last night. She is thinking about moving back to Florida!” I exclaimed as soon as Cindi answered the phone.

“She is what! Why would she want to do that? George is not even worth turning her life upside down. Why would she leave us? We are a diva trio.” Cindi was shocked. I was not surprised she hadn’t heard that Jaz was contemplating this decision because she had pretty much been living at her firm for the last week or two.

“Well, she is in a weird mental place so she is now considering going back to school.  Something about being tired living paycheck to paycheck or having to ask her parents for money.” I noted.

“Oh whatever! Give me a break! Her parents are wealthy and happy to pay her rent. At least she does not have to stick with a crappy job just because she has lots of bills to pay.  She’s been is paying her dues by driving the same crappy car for the past ten years. No one thinks anything of it and either way she can always go to school here. So, there is no reason for her to  move.” Cindi said with a loud tone. I was sure she would yell if she were at home.  I could also tell Cindi was rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone.  Jaz was always trying to downplay her family’s money by using of her bohemian lifestyle as a disguise, but we still loved her either way.

Sunday, October 5th at 3pm:

“Hey Lady, I just got out of my spinning class.  I’m heading to the Whole Foods on 14th, do you want to meet in a few minutes for coffee?” I called Cindi while walking to my car already expecting her to say no. It was such a nice afternoon that I was only wearing a tank and shorts.  I definitely wanted to stay outside and play.

“Uhh…I really can’t. I know I sound like a broken record but I have tons to do here. The good news is we are considering settling which would be great! I think I’ve worked a fourth of my billable hours working on this case these past few months.” Cindi said with a sigh.  I knew she must be really tired.

“I hope it works out! That would be great news for Yvonne too since I am sure she has a long list of wedding to dos waiting for you to take over.” I said as my thoughts wondered to all the emails she had received from her sister with wedding ideas and forwarded me in last few weeks.  I can see her being busy for a long time yet.

“Please don’t remind me. If this case is over by the end of the month like I am hoping, more than likely I will be on vacation in Greece. I’ve always wanted to go and I am so there. Maybe I can find my very own greek hottie preferrably named Constantine.” Cindi noted as we both giggled.

“Let me know if you need company, since if all goes well on my end I might be in between jobs during that time too!” I stated while looking up to see an available parking spot on P Street  which would make running in and out of the store so much easier to run in and out. Unfortunately while waiting for the driver of the parked car to vacate the spot another driver decided to swoop into the spot I was waiting for.

“What the heck! People in this city are either stealing your parking spot right from under you or blowing their horn impatiently when they want your parking spot because they think you are taking too long and undeserving of the time necessary to put on your seat belt or telephone earpiece. I cannot believe this chick just stole my spot!”  All the positive effects of my work out and the weather went out the window as I made a failed attempt to block this person’s entry into my potential parking spot. I drove on. No sense getting into a yelling match and ruining my mood even more.

“That sucks! Sorry. I know how you feel. It has happened to me before too.” Cindi reassured.

“No problem. I will be ok. I just have to spend some more gas looking for another spot or try the parking garage for the store which is certain to be full.” I stated as I pondered my next move. “I still have to run to the store to grab some groceries. Chris is cooking dinner and I am bringing the wine.”

“Well, I hope you find parking soon.  Either way, in regards to the trip, you’re on! I will most definitely need a partner in crime.”  She exclaimed.

My mood was brightened.




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