Episode 9: All Work and no Game

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Wednesday, September 3rd at 12:49 pm

“Hey Cindi! How is work?”  I was on lunch break at the Tyson’s Corner Mall.

“Eh! It’s coming along. We were hoping to settle this case but it looks like we are going to trial which means no free time for the next three months! I am so annoyed because Yvonne wants me to be her maid-of-honor in her wedding in March and I am already not even sure I can make the engagement party next weekend!” She said while I heard what was probably her opening and closing the drawers in her desk and her clicking on her mouse.

Oh boy, once again Cindi was showing signs of getting stressed out over work, I thought to myself.  “So much for being relaxed after a beach vacation.  Darling, I am sure you will get it all under control. You usually do.” I tried to reassure her.

“Are you making fun of me?” She questioned and that alerted me it was time to end that conversation.

“No, I am not darling. Hey, gotta get back to the office for a meeting. Let’s talk later.”  I hoped she just needed time to get organized and find her bearings.

Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:31 pm

“We should do something to help her not get too depressed.  Maybe we can promise to help her find stuff for the wedding. Since she is from St. Croix, for the wedding we can find stilt walkers, decorate a limbo stick, and have fire eaters and jet-ski show. ” Jaz said this while stirring away in her kitchen.

“Ah, ok darling don’t get carried away. Plus, have you seen the diva who is Cindi’s sister, she would never agree to all that at her wedding. I think we would have more fun finding Cindi a guy to hang out with.” I said already considering the possibilities.

“Yeah, she does need a boyfriend! Maybe that can be the magic stress reducer in more ways than one if you get my drift…wink wink! She is always so focused on work that even though she meets guys all the time when we hang out but she is clueless about the fundamentals of flirting.” Jaz explained thinking back to all the handsome guys Cindi met in Florida and before.

“Basically! Or she will meet handsome cute guys like those at Lima about a month ago and she will talk about work too much or go through her mental check list and decide before a second conversation that they are not someone she would like to date.” I said thinking back to the night at Co Co. Sala when we both met Chris. I thought to myself at that time that because he worked in a restaurant that she probably thought he was uneducated or something like that and therefore not the guy for her. She did randomly pass him off as only liking me more than her when he was clearly being friendly to both of us. Oh well she missed out…sucker! Ok that’s not nice, I giggled to myself.

“Sometimes I think the poor guys are dismissed for wearing black with navy or something random like that. We should sign her up with E-harmony or Match.com. Maybe, we can fill-in her stats and look for a guy on her behalf who is as successful as she is and set her up on blind dates.” Jaz was still going on and on.

“Excellent idea! That way she can work and help plan the wedding and just have to show up on the dates.” I agreed. Cindi had not dated someone seriously in years.

“Only problem…do we use her picture? I can see her killing us if she thought we did.” Jaz pondered.

“Jaz, this is DC. On paper she looks great, so we should have no problems finding takers without the picture. We will just have to carefully filter out the ones that she would never go for.” I resolved.